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patient feedback

  • A clinic for very demanding patients, clean, sterile. The service was very friendly, professional approach, patient care at a very high level, from the cleaning lady to the reception desk, all medical staff. I would like to thank Marcin Sergiew for his help, care and the performed operation. I would recommend to others who wish to decide for ACL surgery, recover and recover quickly 👌
  • I recommend it with all my heart! I was looking for professional care for a long time and was recommended to ST Medical. Sensational specialists who know what they are doing and how to help. Full commitment to what they do. Mr. Sebastian is a master in his trade! Thank you! You should look for specialists such as at ST Medical Clinic. I definitely recommend it !!!
  • As an active athlete, I have been a patient of ST Medical for many years and they have helped me with minor injuries many times. This year I had a serious knee injury (ligament rupture, ruptured meniscus and cartilage problems) and needed surgery. I definitely recommend this place in every respect - professional, nice and trustworthy team, amazing operating room and affordable price of treatments. Not to mention gluten-free catering after surgery;)
  • Five stars is not enough !!! I came to ST Medical Clinic with a minor knee injury. Everything ended at the rehabilitation stage. The approach to the patient in this company is exactly what I expected. Nice, warm and fully professional. Full diagnostics is performed at the clinic. From what I have learned, they have the most modern equipment and a well-equipped operating room. Fortunately, in my case, I did not have to check it :) I recommend it to everyone with minor and serious orthopedic injuries and more. Greetings to nice staff :)
  • I came to ST Medical after a ligament tear in my foot and knee and a hip-tibial band syndrome. In many places in Szczecin, it was difficult to find time to admit in an emergency, and ST Medical were the only ones to act immediately. A control visit to Sebastian, who is a very experienced physiotherapist, allowed him to diagnose the problem very quickly before the ultrasound and X-ray. I got a referral for examination and the results were obtained very quickly. From the very beginning, the team started physiotherapy treatments, which resulted in an improvement in a very short time, and after two months I was able to return to training. Since then, I have dealt with all my problems at ST Medical. The best part is that many of my friends had the same experience with the clinic, so this willingness to help is their nature, not a forced need.
  • ST Medical - a sensational clinic. Rapid diagnosis - damage to the meniscus. Knee arthroscopy planned, prepared and performed perfectly. Post-operative care / rehabilitation is proceeding according to plan and assumptions. The knee returns to full working order. Top-class specialists. There is a nice atmosphere in the offices, the room and the registration desk, and the staff is always helpful and smiling. I definitely recommend - the best clinic.
  • Immediate diagnosis and implemented procedures ended with the relief of back pain.
  • Many thanks to ST medical clinic and a lovely and emphatic receptionist Mariola for helping me out. Very professional and highly qualified doctors, I would be using the service in the future and recommend to friends. All the best great staff!!!