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The registration process and answers to frequently asked questions are presented below, if you have additional questions, please contact us by phone.

Our clinic is located on the first floor, the facility has an elevator and is adapted for disabled people or people with reduced mobility.

There are plenty of parking spaces nearby, both at the front and rear of the building.

The consultation date is reserved by phone from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. by calling the following numbers:

+48 531 50 90 90

Registration is carried out on an ongoing basis, and the dates depend on the number of registered patients. Payment is made after the visit. Payment methods available: cash and payment card.

For an appointment with a specialist, please bring your medical documentation.

The times of scheduled visits are contractual and may be postponed due to the complexity of medical cases.

Please be understanding and reserve an appropriate amount of time.

We keep medical records of people using health services and ensure the protection and confidentiality of data contained in this documentation in accordance with generally applicable laws.

The patient may obtain a copy of his medical records after submitting an application for its issuance or through an appropriate authorization for the person collecting the documentation on behalf of the patient.

fees related to the planned procedure

Dear patient, payment for treatments at ST Medical Clinic should be made as follows:

  • pay a 20% non-returnable prepayment to the account of ST Medical Clinic within 7 days from the date of the procedure (in the title of the transfer, please provide the date of the operation and the name and surname of the patient)
  • the amount for the treatment less the amount of the prepayment should be made:
    • in cash or by credit card on the day of the procedure (please check the payment limit for payment cards in advance)
    • by bank transfer on the day preceding the procedure (in this case, it is necessary to provide ST Medical Clinic with a proof of payment in electronic or paper form at the latest on the day of the procedure)
  • Failure to pay the prepayment on time will be treated as a resignation from the treatment.
  • The resignation from the previously agreed date of the operation due to the patient's fault causes the loss of the prepayment made.
  • The possibility of changing the date of the procedure at the patient's request is considered individually.
  • Please report the resignation from the procedure by phone: +48 531 50 90 90
  • People under 18 years of age report to ST Medical Clinic under the care of their parents or legal guardian.
  • The price of the procedure includes full medical, anesthetic and nursing care, accommodation, meals and dressings - during the stay at ST Medical Clinic after the surgery.
  • Each additional day of stay at the ST Medical Clinic, not conditioned by medical reasons, is additionally payable: PLN 500

Data for the transfer:

ST Medical Clinic sp. z o.o.
Ul. Kwiatkowskiego 1/26
71-004 Szczecin

ING Bank Śląski 18 1050 1559 1000 0090 8081 4784 numer SWIFT INGBPLPW


What should I take with me for a rehabilitation visit?
The patient should wear exercise clothes and change of shoes and medical records, if available.
This will be my first visit to a dietitian. What should I have with me?
In order for the patient to get the most benefit from the visit to the dietitian, please prepare the results of basic laboratory tests performed in the last three months and the results of other tests performed in the last year.
What laboratory tests does the dietitian assess during the visit?
It is possible to define the scope of necessary tests during the visit.

The dietitian assesses the minimum of:

  • OB
  • complete blood count with blood smear, iron, ferritin
  • glucose, insulin
  • lipid profile (total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, triglycerides
  • liver enzymes (AST, ALT, GGTP)
  • TSH, FT3, FT4
  • general urine test

  • The extended version includes:

  • glycosylated hemoglobin (HbA1c)
  • homocysteine
  • electrolytes (Mg, Ca, Na, K)
  • anti-TPO, anti-TG
  • uric acid
  • cortisol, DHEA-SO4

  • In case of hormonal disorders:

    In women:

  • LH, FSH, androstenedione, testosterone (day 12-14 of the cycle)
  • progesterone, prolactin, estradiol (day 21 of the cycle)

  • In men:

  • LH, FSH, estradiol, testosterone
  • How to prepare for a visit to a dietitian?
    Patient should:

  • report not earlier than two to three hours after consuming the last meal (you can drink water)
  • 24 hours before the test, alcohol should be avoided
  • 12 hours before the examination, caffeine consumption should be avoided
  • Avoid heavy physical exertion 12 hours before the measurement
  • When should I not do a body composition analysis?
    Body composition analysis should not be performed:

  • in people with implanted metal materials, such as a pacemaker, defibrillator, stent, and metal seam in the heart or blood vessel
  • in pregnant women
  • in people with epilepsy
  • What should I have with me when I come to the ultrasound?
    The patient should take:

  • original referral (if any)
  • previous results of diagnostic tests (description + CD), laboratory tests, hospital discharge
  • How to prepare for an abdominal ultrasound examination?
    To make ultrasound examination easier, the patient should:

  • one day before the test, follow a diet excluding fresh vegetables and fruit
  • take Espumisan (6 capsules in total, taken two at two-hour intervals)
  • do not eat meals for six hours before the test
  • avoid smoking and chewing gum
  • two hours before the test, drink one and a half liters of still water and avoid urinating during this time
  • What X-ray examinations do you perform in the clinic?
    At the clinic, we perform X-ray examinations:

  • on the basis of a referral
  • no need to register in advance
  • also safe for children